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iQChinese Go! Travelling— £27.23

IQChinese Go! Travelling is a complete course of multimedia courseware specially designed for travellers. The lessons consist of the most frequently used phrases and common situations during travelling, each with a different variety of answers.

Practice will improve the learner's pronunciation and the results will be recorded for later review and progress. Go! Travelling is definitely a great asset to survive when going on a business trip or travelling.


iQChinese Pinyin For Beginners— £27.23

Multimedia courseware that introduces initials, finals and tones of the standard Pinyin system using a native speaker's voice. It includes a practice feature that allows the Chinese language student to hear any possible combination of initials, finals and tones in standard spoken mandarin chinese. Includes video clips of a native speaker's mouth speaking all mandarin initials and finals.

  • Initials: This feature helps you learn to correctly pronounce the beginning sound of any Mandarin word.
  • Finals: This feature helps you learn to correctly pronounce the end sound of any Mandarin word.
  • Tones: This feature uses English to demonstrate how Mandarin tones really work.
  • Pinyin Practice: The perfect tool to fine-tune subtle sound and tone differences of any Mandarin word and tone combination.
  • Games: Test your ability to recognize Mandarin sounds and tones in a fun, competitive format.
  • Pronunciation Videos: Video clips of a native Chinese speaker pronouncing each initial and final sound in Mandarin Chinese is available at the click of button


iQChinese Quiz — £27.23

IQChinese Quiz is the perfect tool for assessing the Chinese language student's progress or level of language ability. IQChinese Quiz is also ideal for students of all ages in pin pointing specific learning problems. Choose test questions from the built-in "Speak Mandarin in Five Hundred Words" question database or create your own customized test/learning tool by copying, pasting and inserting your favorite reading subject matter: news, magazine articles, novels, etc. As long as the Chinese characters are copied from a digital source, they can be inserted into the IQChinese Quiz program. IQChinese Quiz provides a detailed printable Summary Report so teacher and student can track typing accuracy and typing speed results as well as specific characters missed. IQChinese Quiz also has icons that pop up to encourage or praise student

  • Built-in or Teacher Customized Content Option
  • Quiz Level: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Quiz Model: Audio Only, Visual Only, Audio/Visual
  • Timing: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, Until Completed
  • Quiz Report: Accuracy, Speed, Comparing Previous Quizzes
  • Encouragement Icons
  • Quiz version 2.0 for windows (2000,2003, XP, Vista-32 bits)


iQChinese Reader — £34.89

IQChinese Reader is an efficient and strategic reading tool designed to improve the Chinese learner's reading ability and to also enhance their reading experience by letting them create theme-based, personal electronic libraries.

Enhance your reading comprehension with the word-vocabulary dictionary, Pinyin annotation, sound-out functions and "point and translate" feature.

Convert any text articles into your personalized reading material with automatically generated audio aid and vocabulary explanation.

Customize content as you hone your listening skills. Save important vocabulary into an individualized, personal dictionary. Ideal for people who want to learn on the go as articles, phrases, and vocabulary can be easily converted into MP3 compatible audio files.

  • Built-in Text
  • Teacher Created Text Option
  • Pinyin
  • Vocabulary
  • Word Bank
  • Reader version 3.5 for Windows (2000,2003, XP, Vista-32 bit)



iQChinese Run — £27.23

IQChinese Run is a unique language tool designed to simultaneously improve your Chinese reading, writing, and pronunciation. Using a standard keyboard, Run allows you to produce Traditional or Simplified Chinese characters by typing Pinyin or BoPoMoFo. By copying and pasting any digitally produced Chinese text, Run is able to speak the text out loud, whether it's one word or one page. Run is also a Chinese to English dictionary with thousands of words and phrases and radicals.

  • Convenient English to Chinese Button
  • Instant Pronunciation
  • Block Reading
  • Electronic Dictionary
  • Punctuation Chart
  • Personal Settings